Shipping & Delivery

Shipping and Handling Procedure?

Quality French bulldog will transport your puppy using the closest international airport to you where the cargo for pets is accessible within 3 to 5 weeks, it all depends on the location and present weight of the puppy. All these will be done only when we will acknowledge the fact that the payment on your puppy is completed and confirm.

We are responsible for the transport cost done by pet cargo. In case you may require any other airport delivering service, please kindly demand our private inflight pet caretaker.  

You will require a pet nanny to take care of the puppy if a direct pet cargo flight cannot get access to your city. The catering service for the inflight cost depends from one location to another. Our pet nannies are always available to carry out our delivery globally.

There is an available place in the plain kept specially for pets which is comfortable and safe with good temperature. Immediately the flight is paid, we will notify and call you. You will also receive a call from the transporting airline in charge of the transportation with all the information that concerns the process in shipping. They will give you directions on how to come to get your puppy at their head office. The choice of using pet cargo is the easiest and most popular method in conveying our puppies. From our records since we started delivering puppies, the conveying process has been successful without any inconveniences or fault using this delivery method. The only issue now is that we don’t do shipping in the following country: Australia, South Africa, Hawaii, or India. All this is due to the restrictions placed on the importation of dogs into the above countries mentioned. We mostly offer pet cargo services only within the USA or Canada.

Option two

Personal Delivery
The catering Service will need additional charges. The charges paid will depend on the location or place the puppy is taken to. All non-direct flights or very small puppies(1 lb or less) need to get a more secure journey. Puppies that are 1 lb or less can fly at any time with a caretaker once the send out papers are prepared. It is obligatory to hold up until the puppy’s weight is at the slightest 1.5 lbs to fly by pet cargo.

We will authorize one of our caring and competent caretakers who will take the most extreme care of your puppy from choosing up to conveyance. This benefit can be booked for the puppy to be conveyed to any area. Delivery time depends on the accessibility of the inflight caretaker. If you don’t mind note that our caretakers fly on standby and the time of entry can alter without earlier notice. Express inflight caretaker conveyance is accessible. Inquire us for a cite.

Why does the conveyance preparation take 3-5 weeks?
We provide an all-encompassing quality benefit. This can be why the wellbeing status of all our puppies are checked by an administrative vet that will sign and certify the puppy’s wellbeing certificate, verification of vaccination and send out papers. The puppy’s weight must be at least 1.5 lbs to fly with pet cargo. The puppy’s flight can only be paid once the administrative vet has marked and certified the puppies send out printed material.

Your puppy withdraws from the aero plane terminal closest to us on Mainland Airline’s Pet-Safe to your closest air air port. He/she Travels in a climate-controlled cabin range for pets in an airline-approved carrier. You will have a flight before time #, entry time, and a reference # that recognizes your puppy. All the necessary arrangements will be made for you by us, and you will pick your puppy up at the airport, a bit like picking up an individual and you’ll require a reference/air charge (bill)number. The Shipping is completely secure without stress on the puppy. The puppy will be given to you within 5-6 hours on that same day after shipping, it all depends on where you are located. The security given to puppies on planes is the same as that of an individual or I flying. I have transported dogs for a long time (more than 12years). I usually do all possible best to avoid indirect shipping (many stops)when flying puppies and individuals. From what I have encounter and to my supposition, my puppies are exceptionally comfortable and the modern proprietors let me know that their unused puppy has arrived happily without being stressed up or behaving tired
Air transport is the most convenient and fastest means of transport to convey our puppies from our location to various destination whether closer or far away. We transport our puppies in an airline-confirmed plastic pet kennel that we choose to depend on the puppy’s weight, the destination and duration of the journey. They ride in an extraordinary climate-controlled and pressurized compartment on the plane which is not distinctive from the cabin. They are in a different compartment from the travelers’ luggage.

The cases we use for shipping are stamped with multi colors “LIVE ANIMALS” and “UP” designing stickers. We stamp the cases clearly with the located airport, the affirmation number, the phone & the address of the client. When we know that a puppy will soon be dispatched, we play with them within the case earlier to shipping so that they don’t have strange feelings being inside. They have never seen the travelling case to be frightful when they are inside. We always make sure there is enough food and water kept for the puppies in the travelling case. Enough water gives all the moisture that the puppy deserves during its delivery. The most important reason why we do this is for unforeseen circumstances that the puppy might get stuck at an airport overnight,(because of interfacing flight inconvenience), we don’t have to worry if they have enough to eat or drink. Even though travelling isn’t that difficult on them, we don’t like to create them spend any more time than completely essential in travel. For this reason, we too explore for the most limited course and continuously plan coordinate flights if conceivable.

The climate conditions are checked at the getting conclusion and as it is transported when we consider it secure to do so. We put our puppies’ wellbeing over all other contemplations and don’t dispatch when we feel it may be unsafe for the puppies’ health. Our shipping is always done Monday through Sunday. We ensure a secure and sound entry of your puppy. Shipping will not be done if we see that the climate conditions are perilous for the puppies’ wellbeing. When you receive Your puppy, it may take few days for it to adapt to its new home, in some cases, it takes them a day or two to settle in, but so far, the endless lion’s share of individuals tell us they immediately step right out of the shipping carton and feel free like their previous home.

Caretaker Shipping
We are capable additionally of delivering your unused puppy Clearly into your own hands. There’s the accessibility of tried and true professional caretakers that will travel in conjunction with your puppy and bring it specifically to you. This strategy is the foremost secure, most certainty, the most excellent and convenient way for your modern puppy to reach you. A puppy Caretaker takes the puppy on board with them and they can give them the time they require. We require the leading desirable care for your puppy.